Making Parenting WORK
Bringing Maternity and Parenting Wellness to the Workplace

Sample Topics:

Workshop Series to ​​Enhance Wellness
​and Foster Community

  • Expectant Moms: Planning for Maternity Leave​

  • Training Managers to Effectively Manage an Employee's Leave

  • The Single Mindset Shift that Changes Everything as a Parent

  • Learning How to Juggle as a Working Parent...and Feel Okay About Dropping a Ball 

  • 5 Crucial Parenting Goals and How to Pursue Them

  • Why We Shouldn't Strive to Be the Perfect Parent...Even Though our Culture Keeps Telling us To​

  • ​​Self Care: Why Helping Yourself Helps Your Child and Your Career

  • Be The Parent You Want To Be! An Overview of the Transformative Think:Kids Collaborative Problem Solving Approach

Wellness Programs

Topics may be tailored to meet individual company's needs.

  • Returning After Maternity Leave: The Good, The Bad and The In-Between 

  • Be The Parent You Want To Be! Training in the Transformative Collaborative Problem Solving Parenting Approach

  • When Having a Baby Doesn't Go as Planned

  • How Parenting Changes Your Lens at the Workplace​

  • Relaxation Responses: Working Parent Stress-Reduction Tools and Tips

One-hour coaching or therapy sessions for employees who would like information and support tailored to their unique situation.

Coaching and Individual Consultation

Sample Topics:

Lunch and Learn Seminars:
​Tools, Strategies and Resources